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[printing technology] board distortion, not all of the paper's moisture 
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As is known to all, the board bending is the main obstacle of all carton factory. It will affect the operation of the system, such as die - cutting, printing, and so on, will result in increased scrap cardboard, so that the work is not smooth. Before we have written on the bending and S bending of the solution, there is a bending and they are not the same, that is, the board appears to be a distorted state, showing irregular bending. This is how to form it? In fact, it can be checked on the paste roll and cotton with two aspects of the reasons and solutions to find.
1 Top paste
In the production process, the equipment is a vibration. If the paste roll in the circumferential direction of vibration, it will cause the paste is not uniform, resulting in different water content of the board, forming a distorted phenomenon.
Encountered such problems will have to repair the vibration of the paste roll or replace. Secondly, the paste on the bearing wear will cause uneven paste, resulting in distortion, then replace the bearings will be able to solve. Therefore, equipment maintenance is very important.
2 cotton belt
In the production process of tile line, synchronous production is very important. When the double machine cotton belt tension at different times, under the cotton belt speed will not synchronous, making paper and paper in the cardboard uneven force, then it will cause the distortion of cardboard. We can adjust the tension of the cotton belt, so that the upper and lower cotton belt synchronous operation.
From the above two points of analysis, the board appears to distort the state on the device that we have defects. Therefore, the plant must often carry out inspection and implementation of the equipment, the weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual maintenance, to ensure the normal operation of equipment, to avoid equipment failure caused by product accidents.