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The performance of the equipment is not fully play, which is actually a waste 
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To reduce the cost of carton forming process, we must first pay attention to product quality, quantity, a time to do a good job in the quality of the carton, a number of times to do enough, the quality of the carton to meet customer requirements. The second is from the equipment, process technology, staff operations, management of the several aspects of the comprehensive consideration. The following as long as from the "equipment" to proceed with the description!
Printing machine, nail box machine, packing machine and other equipment selection should be selected according to the order characteristics, if long single daily orders more, on the choice of high automaticity and high precision equipment, and proper configuration of several stand-alone, for the production of single or small number of short order, can reduce production cost; when the total number of short single orders for most of the time, you should choose a single production, or even semi automatic equipment, for example, carton orders on average in southern Zhejiang in 50 only to 200, apparently with the automatic equipment equipment performance is not The loss outweighs the gain., to play well, it is a waste.
The following equipment selection must be considered:
Printing part:
1, feeding the maximum and minimum width;
2, the largest printing area;
3, the use of plate thickness;
4, the number of the wire coating roller;
5, the number of printing roller;
6, the maximum and minimum thickness of paper;
7, guide way;
8, the printing precision;
9, printing speed;
10, the degree of automation control system;
11, with electric power.
Slotted part:
1, the maximum and minimum slot depth;
2, slotting phase adjustment precision and automation degree;
3, the thickness of blade;
4, the replacement of slotted knife is convenient;
5, slotting speed;
6, supporting power.
Nail box part:
1, through the maximum size of the box, the smallest size (length * width);
2, after the thickness of the box blank;
3, the use of flat type;
4, nail box speed;
5, nail distance;
6, power.
Packaged part:
1, maximum and minimum width;
2, pack the largest and smallest thickness;
3, the use of packing rope material;
4, packing buckle mode;
5, packing speed;
6, equipment power.