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[intelligent manufacturing] how to make the average speed of the tile line to reach 200 m / min? 
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1, set the goal of tile line equipment: normal speed of about 90%
Such as tile line design speed of 250 m / min, the normal target production and speed should be: 220 five m / min, 230 layer three m / min.
2. Find the corresponding process parameters of temperature and glue physical index to match the target production speed.
Such as the temperature range of each piece of paper and the corresponding temperature, viscosity and solid content of the glue. At present, most of the factory's temperature control is based on the operator's experience of manual control. The ability of the operator and the responsibility of the heart is very high. The temperature control of the wet part of the tile line is recommended ".
3, optimize the order structure, improve the scheduling of single program to reduce the impact on the efficiency of production.
4, to participate in the production of staff management assessment, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff involved in management
Note: the management responsibility to the people (loss, quality, efficiency, 6S), do not eat rice pot.
5, all the factors affecting the efficiency of records, analysis, find reasons, research solutions
Such as: 1) stop, broken paper, paper, paper jam, fault reason, and so on, roll change time; 2) have poor quality such as quality problems of Gao Kezhong base drive fast speed or high speed; 3) wet for a single short length, the paper is not urgent, such as the length of less than 500m; 4) cadres for a single length short, continuous small orders, small orders, cadres cut long for a single slow; 5) logistics system can not keep up the speed; 6) operator and coordination ability.
6, repeat the process, the formation of a virtuous cycle.