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[printing technology] printing plug version of the problem, these methods 
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In color printing, sometimes we often encounter problems and this version of the plug, often for the quality and efficiency of color printing production have certain adverse effects.
Generally speaking, color box printing are often large customers, such as pharmaceutical, drug in white box, color box these large orders, once the plug version will increase the number of downtime, resulting in low production efficiency, but also will increase the loss of printing production. So what is the cause of the plug version of the problem? We usually find the ink and the print version, as well as the operation caused by the plug version.
First, the reasons for printing ink
1, when the production of color printing ink liquidity is bad. Some operators love into the cartridge ink to adjust slowly, let roller and rollers inking more intermediate storage. This approach is applicable to the full version of the printing, but the printing dot or small word will appear in the plug version of the problem.
Solution: to speed up the flow of printing ink, adjust the pressure of the ink pump.
2, printing ink drying too quickly, when the ink from the transfer roller to the printing plate, printing paper box and then transferred to the time, because the ink drying too quickly, the accumulation of ink in print edition plug problem.
Solution: when you rub the printing plate, you can add a new ink or add a slow drying agent.
3, printing ink viscosity is too high will cause the plug version, to control the printing viscosity, general viscosity control in 9 seconds or so more appropriate.
4, printing ink in the dust and paper powder, will form the plug version of the problem. The filtering net is additionally arranged in an ink inlet tube, mesh 120 mesh in it.
Reason two, printing plate roller, and
Does not match the print and roller, such as 300 to 80 line roller printing pattern, then this ratio would constantly plug version, because the net 300 net hole is too large, the amount of ink transfer assembly cause the printed version of the ink, printing dot plug caused leading print edition. And the roller does not match. Solution: usually the ratio of 1:4.5, the ratio is reasonable.
Three, the reasons for the mistakes of the operation of the printing staff
The printing operation, the main roller is too much pressure as a result of deformation caused by printing, printing dot gain, resulting in network congestion. Color box printing manufacturers to conduct professional training for operators, printing version printing operation to prevent plug caused by failure.